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Our plans cover enterprise, small teams, personal projects, and everything in between.


For personal projects and open source


flat fee, per month

Billed monthly

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Free for 30 days. No credit card required.


Continuous delivery for one or several teams


per target, per month

per target, per month

Billed annually, 5 targets minimum

Billed annually, 5 targets minimum

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited spaces
  • 24/5 support
  • Up to 3 instances
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Free for 30 days. No credit card required.


Advanced features for teams at scale


per target, per month

per target, per month

Billed annually, 100 targets minimum

Billed annually, 100 targets minimum

  • Advanced high availability
  • Insights & DORA metrics
  • ServiceNow & Jira Service Management integration
  • Unlimited instances
  • 24/7 support
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Stream your Octopus audit logs to a SIEM provider

Volume discounts are available above 500 targets, and temporary bursting for certain scenarios is supported.
Contact sales for details.

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Start a trial
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Use SSO providers like Active Directory, Google, Azure AD, or Okta to protect access and simplify identity management.
Advanced user role management. Limit who can edit certain projects, deploy to production, or most other actions in Octopus.
Give each team their own space, with their own projects, environments, tenants, step templates and more. Learn more
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Run one Octopus Deploy service for production usage by your team, and set up extras for dev/test. Or use two separate Octopus Deploy instances to keep production and pre-production deployments isolated.
1 3 Unlimited
Multiple Octopus Server nodes in an active/active, highly available configuration with a load balancer in the front, ensuring you can deploy (or rollback!) 24/7.
Two nodes Unlimited nodes
Tailored onboarding, training, and reviews from one of our Solutions Architects.
Support from our team in multiple timezones, staffed by engineers who work on the product
24/5 24/7
Maximum amount of packages, artifacts and task logs that can be stored for your deployments.
20 GB 1 TB Contact sales
Maximum amount of configuration data that can be stored for your deployments.
5 GB 100 GB Contact sales
Maximum size of any single package stored for your deployments.
5 GB 5 GB Contact sales
Trial licenses are valid for 30 days with unlimited targets, and other limits as specified above per-platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a target?

Deployment targets are the Windows and Linux servers, Kubernetes clusters, and cloud PaaS resources you deploy to. Windows and Linux servers count as one (1) target. AWS ECS clusters, a namespace in a Kubernetes cluster, and an Azure Service Fabric cluster count as one (1) target. Azure Web Apps and Azure Functions count as one-fifth (⅕) target. Please see our documentation for a full list of deployment targets.

This calculator estimates your targets based on the number of machines, namespaces, and serverless functions you use each month, so you'll only pay for the targets you need.

Estimate your targets

Use the calculator, then get a quote for the price of your license. Your price will scale according to your estimated number of targets.

+ ( ÷ 5 ) =


What if I outgrow my license and need to upgrade?

It's easy to switch between Octopus editions and tiers. When you upgrade, we'll refund your old license pro-rata. For example, if you were 6 months into the year, your upgrade would include a refund of half of the original fee. To place an upgrade, contact sales for a quote.

How can I evaluate your software?

The Professional edition of Octopus is available as a 30 day free trial on our unlimited tier for any scenario, including production, commercial use. After the trial period ends you can keep your working configuration and upgrade to a paid license and continue deploying uninterrupted.

The Enterprise edition is currently being tested by a select group of customers. If you are interested in trialling the Enterprise edition, please contact sales.

If I purchase a license, do I need to reinstall the software?

No. If you're using a self-hosted instance of Octopus, you'll be able to activate a new license key without reinstalling the software and without losing any data. If you're using Octopus Cloud, once you convert your cloud instance to a paid plan you license will be updated automatically. You can convert or restore any cloud instance within 90 days of it being deactivated.

Where is Octopus Cloud hosted?

Octopus Cloud runs within the Microsoft Azure cloud. When you create an Octopus Cloud instance, we provision a Linux container to run the Octopus Server in, along with all the other resources we need to provide Octopus as a service. This is deployed to one of our Kubernetes clusters. A fun fact: we use Octopus Deploy, with our multi-tenancy functionality, to deploy your Octopus Deploy instance.

Ready to get started?

Start a free 30 day trial of Octopus Server or Octopus Cloud. Our getting started guides will walk you through everything required to deploy your first application. Or contact sales to discuss your goals and how Octopus Deploy might help.

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