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Webinar: Continuous Delivery with Team Build and Octopus Deploy

August 19, 2013

Northwest Cadence

Do you use TFS Team Build? On the 18th of September, Northwest Cadence are hosting a free webinar:

Continuous Delivery with Team Build and Octopus Deploy

Team Build is a very powerful platform for enterprise build automation. It can effectively handle hundreds of simultaneous builds, supporting everything from ad-hoc, on demand builds to complex continuous integration scenarios. Octopus Deploy is a simple, yet powerful, product that integrates tightly with Team Build to provide a deployment pipeline. Together, these two products provide the tools necessary to implement a fully automated, easy to use, trackable release pipeline that can dramatically speed deployments of new code changes to Test, Pre-Production and Production environments.

In this session you’ll see the tools in action to provide a powerful deployment pipeline. First, on every check-in an automated Team Build will compile the code, run a suite of tests, and if successful will package up the new version and deploy it to a Nuget repository. As a final step, an Octopus Deploy will be kicked off that will deploy both application and database changes to the Dev environment. At that point, we can validate the Dev environment manually, and trigger a deployment into the Test and Production environments. Yes, it’s an impressive demo, and we show you all the pieces and parts that make it all work! Don’t miss this session!

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