Webinar - DevOps Deep Dive

Rob Pearson

Rob Pearson

July 31, 2018 • 1 min

In this webinar, Microsoft MVP, Jeffrey Palermo and Octopus Deploy Founder and CEO, Paul Stovell, team up to answer all your DevOps questions, no matter how technical!

It was a great discussion that covered a lot of questions including:

  • Why Clear Measure has made servicing Octopus Deploy a focus (1:58)
  • How to configure a deployment rollback? (6:02)
  • Optimising for reusability and creating reusable projects (10:36)
  • Technical advantages of Octopus Deploy and when it's not the best choice (14:36)
  • My Octopus project dashboard is like a checkerboard, where did I go wrong? (17:47)
  • Choosing between VSTS Release Manager and Octopus Deploy (23:21)
  • What might push me to move to Octopus Deploy Cloud? (31:02)
  • Common mistakes Octopus developers make and how to avoid them (36:10)
  • Where should test runs go when running full system Selenium tests after initial deployment completes? (45:35)
  • The vision behind tenants (54:17)
  • Managing tons and tons of variables (1:00:28)
  • How can I store my entire Octopus configuration in Git so that when I change it, hotfix branches from weeks ago can still be deployed? (1:06:54)
  • Using different production networks separate from the one you can access (1:09:50).