Technical account management

Octopus and DevOps expertise

Keep your Octopus Deploy and DevOps processes performing at their best with expert advice from our Technical Account Managers (TAMs).

With guidance from a TAM, you can optimize your use of Octopus, boost user adoption, improve your DevOps processes, and increase your return on investment.

TAM service tiers




Weekly TAM time 1 hour 3 hours 7 hours
Octopus system health check Annually Bi-annually
Improvement plan
DevOps & Octopus maturity assessment
Success plans Annually Annually Bi-annually
Octopus guidance
DevOps guidance
Knowledge-sharing sessions/workshops across the organization Annually Bi-annually
Review of support ticket themes to identify configuration and process improvement opportunities, including knowledge gap assessment and training recommendations Annually Quarterly
Incident management and escalation
New feature adoption
Demo of new features
Guidance implementing and using the new feature

For more details and to discuss our full range of TAM services, please contact your Account Executive or contact sales.